Rebuilt Motor Warranty

Genesis Electric Motors, Inc. (hereafter “GEM”) warrants that rebuilt motors, also described as remanufactured, rebuilt, fully reconditioned, and/or “repaired as directed”; will be free of parts and workmanship defects at the time of shipment from a GEM facility or authorized distributor.


Repairs or Replacement Within the Scope of the Warranty

If a GEM rebuilt motor is defective due to workmanship or materials and the defect occurs during the warranty period, then GEM will either repair, supply replacement part(s) for, or supply a replacement motor; whichever GEM deems most appropriate for the circumstances.  GEM is responsible for reasonable standard ground shipping costs of the repaired motor or repair part(s) to the customer.  GEM is not responsible for (1) the removal or shipping of the rebuilt motor to GEM for warranty evaluation and/or repair (2) the re-installation of the rebuilt motor upon return to the customer, or (3) any incidental or consequential damages resulting from the defect, removal, re-installation, and shipment or otherwise.


Rebuilt Warranty Period

The warranty start date begins at time of purchase, unless otherwise specified herein.

Lift truck motor exchange, remanufactured, rewind, repaired and reconditioned Motors 12-months/2,500 hours ***
AC or DC Motor rewind (excluding lift truck motors) 12-months
Motor full recondition and/or repairs (excluding lift truck motors) 180-days
“Repair as directed” by customer Parts – per manufacture warranty;
Labor – no warranty

*** Warranty is 12-months from date of purchase. If the motor is not installed at time of purchase, warranty is 12-months or 2,500 operating hours from installation date, whichever occurs first.  Proof of installation date and hour meter reading at the time of installation must be provided in writing to set the installation date as the warranty start date.  Maximum warranty time period is 2-years from purchase date.


No Other Warranties and Limitation of Liability

This warranty represents GEM’s sole and exclusive warranty obligation for GEM rebuilt motors. GEM’s liability shall not exceed the original sale price to the customer.  The cost of any repairs required above and beyond the original repair are the customer’s responsibility.  GEM disclaims all other expressed and implied warranties including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.  The warranty expressed herein shall not include liability for the following:

  1. Equipment/motor abuse, misuse and/or not used within OEM stated specifications
  2. Damage to motors caused by factors outside of said motor, including improper installation and/or storage
  3. Lack of reasonable, preventive maintenance
  4. Normal replacement of wearable items (bearings, brushes, springs, )
  5. Use of replacement parts not conforming to OEM specifications


Parts & New Motor Warranty

For parts and new motors, GEM will honor the warranty provided by the original manufacture or it’s agent, as given to GEM.  Determination of warranty shall be at the discretion of the original manufacturer or it’s agent. Copies of original manufacturer’s warranties are available upon request.

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